22 North Liberty

No Buses Running



Number Name
522310th St & 12th Ave
521112th Ave & Ozark Ridge
520112th Ave & Holiday Rd
0146Hubbard Park
0263UI Student Health
0257Newton Rd Ramp
0253VA Hospital
0245Newton & Lincoln
0241Carver Hawkeye Arena
0365Holiday Rd & 1st Ave
0361Holiday Rd & Olde Hickory Rd
0355Holiday Rd & Eastview
0351Holiday Rd & Oak Lake Park Rd
5203Holiday Rd & 12th Ave
5800Front St & Vandello
5810Front St & Weston
5820Front St & Zeller
5850Golfview Dr & Heidi Ln
5830Front St & Cherry St
5855Golfview Dr at the Holiday MH Park
5860Fairview Ln & Augusta Circle
5876W Zeller St & Sugar Creek Ln
5865Sugar Creek Ln & Augusta Circle
5871Sugar Creek Ln & Praire Ridge Rd
5870Sugar Creek Ln & Praire Ridge Rd
5866Sugar Creek Ln & Augusta Circle
5875Sugar Creek Ln & W Zeller St
5840North Liberty Rec Center
5861Fairview Ln & Andrews Ct
5856Golfview Dr at the Holiday MH Park
5831Front St & Cherry St
5851Golfview Dr & Rebecca St
5821Front St & Zeller
5811Front St & Weston
5801Front & Vandello
034612th Ave & Liberty Ln
521012th Ave & Ozark Ridge
0350Holiday Rd & Oak Lake Park Rd
0354Holiday Rd & Westview
0360Holiday Rd & High Country Rd
0366Holiday Rd & 1st Ave
4975Ponseti Way
50259th St & Ponseti Way
0246Dental College
0254Hardin Library
0145English Philosophy Building
0120Macbride Hall
0001Downtown Interchange
522012th Ave & 10th St