Eastside Loop AM

Regina Catholic Education Center, Western Union, Lemme School, Scott Park, Memory Gardens Cemetary, Eye Associates of Iowa City, Fairmeadows Park, Wetherby Park, Sycamore Mall, Iowa City High School

Effective Friday, October 19, 2018, Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit will be using a temporary interchange on Court Street between Dubuque Street and Capitol Street (adjacent to the Court Street Transportation Center and Court House) due to the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade. Normal service utilizing the main transit interchange at Clinton Street and Washington Street will resume on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

No Buses Running



Number Name
7135Sycamore Mall Cinema Theater
7600Eastdale Plaza
76011st Ave @ South East Junior High
72281st Ave @ Hy Vee
72313rd Ave & Friendship St
7232Friendship St & 5th Ave
7233Friendship St & Garden St
7234Friendship St & 7th Ave
72357th Ave & Court St
7602City High School
7414Rochester Ave & Ashwood Dr
7416Rochester Ave & Rita Lyn Court
7418Regina Education Center
7420Rochester Ave & 1st Ave
7422Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7424Rochester Ave & Mount Vernon Dr
7426Rochester Ave & Larch Ln
7427Amhurst St & Lower West Branch Rd
7428Amhurst St & Tulane Ave
7429Amhurst St & Hastings Ave
7430Amhurst St @ Lemme Elementary
7432Amhurst St & Washington St
7319Friendship St & Court St
7327Court St & Peterson St
7328Court St & Elmira St
7329Court St & Kenneth Dr
7330Court St & Camden Rd
7331Arlington Dr & Court St
7332Arlington Dr & Cumberland Ln
7603Arlington Dr & Canterbury Court
7604Arlington Dr & American Legion Rd
7605American Legion Rd & Scott Blvd
7266Muscatine Ave & Maplewood Ln
7267Muscatine Ave @ Autumn Park Apartments
7268Muscatine Ave & Dover St
7269Muscatine Ave & Arthur St
7259William St @Towncrest Medical Offices
7260William St & Wayne Ave @ South East Junior High
7261Wayne Ave & Arthur St
7262Wayne Ave & Dover St
7263Wayne Ave & Village Rd
7606Wellington Dr & Scott Blvd
7607Scott Blvd #1
7049Lakeside Dr & Hwy 6
7052Lakeside Dr & Whispering Prairie Ave
7053Lakeside Dr & Nevada Ave
7054Lakeside Dr & Miami Dr
7055Miami Dr & California Ave
7056California Ave & Union Ave
7057California Ave & Grantwood St
7058California Ave & Sycamore St
7059Burns Ave & California Ave
7060Burns Ave & Taylor Dr
7039Taylor Dr & Sandusky Dr
7033Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
8244Crosspark Ave & Broadway St
7036Broadway St 1900 Block
7061Sycamore Mall