Eastside Loop PM

Regina Catholic Education Center, Western Union, Lemme School, Scott Park, Fairmeadows Park, Sycamore Mall, Southeast Junior High School, Iowa City High School


Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

Delays and possible Detours!: Road construction on Muscatine Ave. is causing intermittent delays between Court Street and 1st Ave. Please be advised some stops may need to be temporarily closed and detours and delays are possible.

AM & PM Eastside Loop routes to detour effective 4/26/2021: The AM & PM Eastside Loop routes will detour on 4/26/21 due to road work at the intersection of American Legion Rd & Scott Blvd.

No Buses Running



Outbound - Eastside Loop PM

Number Name
7419Regina Education Center
7417Rochester Ave & Rita Lyn Court
7415Rochester Ave & Windsor Court
7519City High School PM
7225Muscatine Ave & 4th Ave
7226Muscatine Ave & 2nd Ave - Walgreens
7257Muscatine Ave & Wade St
7260William St & Wayne Ave @ South East Junior High
8241William St & Bradford Dr - SEJH
7049Lakeside Dr & Hwy 6
7052Lakeside Dr & Whispering Prairie Ave
7053Lakeside Dr & Nevada Ave
7054Lakeside Dr & Miami Dr
7055Miami Dr & California Ave
7056California Ave & Union Ave
7057California Ave & Grantwood St
7058California Ave & Sycamore St
7059Burns Ave & California Ave
7060Burns Ave & Taylor Dr
7039Taylor Dr & Sandusky Dr
7033Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
8244Crosspark Ave & Broadway St
7036Broadway St 1900 Block
7126Hwy 6 East & Heinz Rd
7131Scott BLVD & Sytems Unlimited
8351Arlington Dr & Chandler Ct
7336Court St & Camden Rd
7342Court St & Kenneth Dr
7343Court St & Lindeman Dr
8354Court St & Peterson
7431Amhurst St & Oberlin St
7423Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7421Rochester Ave & 1st Ave