Main Library, Engineering Library, Old Capitol Center, Ghibson Sqaure, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Kirkwood Community College, Sycamore Mall North, Sycamore Mall

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Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7002Court St & Dubuque St
7005Court St & Gilbert St
7516Bowery St & Gilbert St
7102Bowery St & Johnson St
7104Bowery St & Dodge St
7106Dodge St & Walnut St
7108Kirkwood Ave & Dodge St
7110Kirkwood Ave & Keokuk St
7112Kirkwood Ave & Howell St
7114Kirkwood Ave & Franklin St
7118Lower Muscatine Ave & Pine St
7120Kirkwood Community College From Downtown
7122Lower Muscatine Ave & Mall Dr
7124Eastdale Plaza
7125Lower Muscatine Ave & Fairmeadows Blvd
7126Hwy 6 East & Heinz Rd
7128Commerce Dr & Liberty Dr
7129Scott Blvd & Liberty Dr - ACT
7131Scott BLVD & Sytems Unlimited
7132Heinz Rd & Scott Blvd
7127Heinz Rd & Hwy 6 East
7134Eastdale Plaza
7135Sycamore Mall Cinema Theater
7121Kirkwood Community College to Downtown
7119Lower Muscatine Ave & Spruce St
7117Lower Muscatine Ave & Pine St
7115Kirkwood Ave & Franklin St
7116Kirkwood Ave & Roosevelt St
7113Kirkwood Ave & Summit St
7111Kirkwood Ave & Keokuk St
7109Kirkwood Ave & Dodge St
7107Dodge St & Walnut St
7105Dodge St & Bowery St
7103Bowery St & Johnson St
7101Bowery St & Van Buren St
7100Gilbert St & Bowery St
7006Court St & Maiden Ln
7003Court St & Dubuque St
7004Court St Transportation Center
7078Court St & Madison St