Melrose Express

Old Capitol Center, Engineering Library, Hubbard Park, Carver College of Medicine, VA Medical Center, Dental Science Building, Carver Hawkeye Arena, UIHC, Finkbine Golf Course, Iowa Soccer Complex, Iowa City West High School

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Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7082Washington St & Madison St
0146Iowa Ave - English Philosophy Building, IMU
0263Newton Rd - UI Student Health
0257Newton Rd Ramp
0253Newton Rd - VA Hospital
8200Newton and Valley
0241Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
8203Hawkins Dr - UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8205Hawkins Dr & Melrose Ave-UI Childrens Hospital
8105Melrose Ave & Golfview Ave
8107Melrose Ave & George St
8208Melrose Ave & Sunset St
8209Melrose Ave & Emerald St
8211Melrose Ave & Westgate St
8213Melrose Ave & Macbride Rd
8215Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
8219Melrose Ave & Westwinds Dr
8300Melrose Ave & Hawkeye Dr
8302Melrose Ave & Dublin Dr
8304Melrose Ave & Kennedy Parkway
8306Chatam Oaks Residential Facility
8305Melrose Ave & Galway Dr
8303Melrose Ave & Dublin Dr
8301Melrose Ave & Hawkeye Dr
8217Melrose Ave & Mormon Trek Blvd
8216Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
8214Melrose Ave & MacBride Rd
8210Melrose Ave @ IC Fire Station #2
8150Melrose Ave & Sunset St
8108Melrose Ave & George St
8106Melrose Ave & Koser Ave
8104Melrose Ave & Hawkins Dr
8102UIHC Family Care
8103Melrose Ave & South Grand Ave