Oakcrest Football Saturday

Effective Friday, October 19, 2018, Iowa City Transit and Coralville Transit will be using a temporary interchange on Court Street between Dubuque Street and Capitol Street (adjacent to the Court Street Transportation Center and Court House) due to the University of Iowa Homecoming Parade. Normal service utilizing the main transit interchange at Clinton Street and Washington Street will resume on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

No Buses Running



Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7082Washington St & Madison St
7080UI Main Library
7075Capitol St & Prentiss St
7073Capitol St & Benton St
8005Benton St & Riverside Dr
8007Benton St & Giblin Dr
8008Benton St & Hudson Ave
8122Benton St @ Seville Apartments
8123Benton St & Oaknoll Dr
8124Benton St & George St
8125Benton St & Streb St
8126Sunset St & Arbury Dr
8127Sunset St & Penfro Dr
8128Sunset St & Denbigh Dr
8129Sunset St & Aber Ave
8013Westport Plaza 1
8012Ruppert Rd & Hwy 1 West
8010Hwy 1 West & Miller Ave
8015Hwy 1 West @ Slagers
8006Riverside Dr & Benton St
7074Capitol St & Prentiss St
7079Madison St @ UI Lindquist Center
7081Madison St & Washington St
0002Downtown Interchange