Free Shuttle South

Main Library, Engineering Library, Gibson Square, Campus Wellness and Recreation Center, College Green Park, Iowa City City Hall

No Buses Running



Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7200Washington St & Linn St - IC Library, Senior Center
7201Washington St & Gilbert St - Iowa City City Hall
7046Washington St & Van Buren St
7306Washington St & Dodge St
7210Dodge St & College St
7458Dodge St & Burlington St
7459Dodge St & Court St
7460Dodge St - 500 block
9200Dodge Street and Bowery Street - Shuttle
7103Bowery St & Johnson St
7101Bowery St & Van Buren St
7100Gilbert St & Bowery St
7006Court St & Maiden Ln
7003Court St & Dubuque St
7004Court St Transportation Center
7078Court St & Madison St