Engineering Library, Main Library, Gibson Square, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, Sycamore Mall, Highland Park


Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

ICT buses to detour effective 3/22/21 : The Oakcrest, Shuttle, Mall, Westport Plaza, Broadway and Cross Park routes are detouring in and outbound from the transit interchange using Capitol Street to Burlington Street due to work zones on both sides Madison Street.

Iowa City Transit summer schedule will begin Monday, May 17, 2021: Starting 5/17/2021, Iowa City Transit will begin operating a summer schedule. Towncrest and Oakcrest routes will operate hourly service from 9AM until 3PM. Service 6AM-9AM & 3PM -6:30PM will remain every 30 minutes. The Free Shuttle route will cease 5/14/2021. The last departure will be at 6:15PM.

No Buses Running



Outbound - Broadway

Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7075Capitol St & Prentiss St
7073Capitol St & Benton St
7013Kirkwood Ave & Gilbert St
7014Gilbert St & 3rd Ave
7025Gilbert St @ Hills Bank
7024Gilbert St & Stevens Dr
7023Southgate Ave & Gilbert St
7022Southgate Ave & Waterfront Dr
7021Southgate Ave & Boyrum St
7026Southgate Ave & Keokuk St
7034Crosspark Ave 900 Block
7035Crosspark Ave & Broadway St
7036Broadway St 1900 Block
7037Pepperwood Plaza
7061Sycamore Mall
7062Highland Ave - Kirkwood College
7064Highland Ave & Pine St
7065Highland Ave & Franklin St
7066Highland Ave & Ridge
7067Highland Ave & Lukurk St
7068Highland Ave & Keokuk St
7069Highland Ave & Boyrum St
7070Highland Ave & Gilbert Court
7016Highland Ave & Gilbert St
7750Kirkwood Ave & Gilbert St
7071Benton St & Clinton St
7072Benton St & Capitol St
7074Capitol St & Prentiss St
10601060 ERF