Old Capitol Center, Wetherby Park, Fairmeadows Park, Kirkwood Community College, Sycamore Mall


Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

Iowa City Transit summer schedule will begin Monday, May 17, 2021: Starting 5/17/2021, Iowa City Transit will begin operating a summer schedule. Towncrest and Oakcrest routes will operate hourly service from 9AM until 3PM. Service 6AM-9AM & 3PM -6:30PM will remain every 30 minutes. The Free Shuttle route will cease 5/14/2021. The last departure will be at 6:15PM.

No Buses Running



Outbound - Lakeside

Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7002Court St & Dubuque St
7005Court St & Gilbert St
7007Gilbert St & Prentiss St
7009Gilbert St & Benton St
7011Gilbert St & Kirkwood Ave
7014Gilbert St & 3rd Ave
7017Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7019Boyrum St & Southgate Ave
7026Southgate Ave & Keokuk St
7028Keokuk St & Cross Park Ave
7030Sandusky Dr & Hickory Ct
7032Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
7038Sandusky Dr & Taylor Dr
7040Taylor Dr & Hollywood Blvd
7041Hollywood Blvd Mid -block
7042Hollywood Blvd & Sycamore St
7043Hollywood Blvd & Delwood Dr
7044Hollywood Blvd & Grantwood St
7045Hollywood Blvd & Fairmeadows Blvd
7050Frontage Rd
7700Bon Aire Mobile Home Lodge
7051Riviera Dr & Frontage Rd
7701Frontage Rd & Lakeside Dr
7052Lakeside Dr & Whispering Prairie Ave
7053Lakeside Dr & Nevada Ave
7054Lakeside Dr & Miami Dr
7055Miami Dr & California Ave
7056California Ave & Union Ave
7057California Ave & Grantwood St
7058California Ave & Sycamore St
7059Burns Ave & California Ave
7060Burns Ave & Taylor Dr
7039Taylor Dr & Sandusky Dr
7033Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
7031Sandusky Dr & Keokuk St
7029Keokuk St & Cross Park Ave
7027Southgate & Keokuk St
7020Southgate Ave & Boyrum St
7018Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7015Gilbert St & 3rd Ave
7012Gilbert St & Kirkwood Ave
7010Gilbert St & Benton St
7008Gilbert St & Bowery St
7006Court St & Maiden Ln
7003Court St & Dubuque St
7004Court St Transportation Center