Old Capitol Center, Wetherby Park, Fairmeadows Park, Kirkwood Community College, Sycamore Mall


Fare /Transfer Changes - July 6: Starting July 6, ALL passes and single ride tickets can be used on Iowa City and Coralville buses! Transfers will be allowed at ALL bus stops! Youth fares reduced from $.75 to $.50! Seniors (65+), disabled passengers, Medicare card holders and SEATS card holders ride free ANY time of day!

New Route Schedules Posted Online: Please see. for the new Iowa City Route Maps and Schedules starting August 2, 2021

Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

No Buses Running



Outbound - Lakeside

Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7002Court St & Dubuque St
7005Court St & Gilbert St
7007Gilbert St & Prentiss St
7009Gilbert St & Benton St
7011Gilbert St & Kirkwood Ave
7014Gilbert St & 3rd St
7017Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7019Boyrum St & Southgate Ave
7026Southgate Ave & Keokuk St
7028Keokuk St & Cross Park Ave
7030Sandusky Dr & Hickory Ct
7032Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
7038Sandusky Dr & Taylor Dr
7040Taylor Dr & Hollywood Blvd
7041Hollywood Blvd Mid -block
7042Hollywood Blvd & Sycamore St
7043Hollywood Blvd & Delwood Dr
7044Hollywood Blvd & Grantwood St
7045Hollywood Blvd & Fairmeadows Blvd
7050Frontage Rd
7700Bon Aire Mobile Home Lodge
7051Riviera Dr & Frontage Rd
7701Frontage Rd & Lakeside Dr
7052Lakeside Dr & Whispering Prairie Ave
7053Lakeside Dr & Nevada Ave
7054Lakeside Dr & Miami Dr
7055Miami Dr & California Ave
7056California Ave & Union Ave
7057California Ave & Grantwood St
7058California Ave & Sycamore St
7059Burns Ave & California Ave
7060Burns Ave & Taylor Dr
7039Taylor Dr & Sandusky Dr
7033Sandusky Dr & Broadway St
7031Sandusky Dr & Keokuk St
7029Keokuk St & Cross Park Ave
7027Southgate & Keokuk St
7020Southgate Ave & Boyrum St
7018Boyrum St @ Hy Vee
7015Gilbert St & 3rd Ave
7012Gilbert St & Kirkwood Ave
7010Gilbert St & Benton St
7008Gilbert St & Bowery St
7006Court St & Maiden Ln
7003Court St & Dubuque St
7004Court St Transportation Center