North Dodge Night and Saturday

Horace Mann Elementary School, Mercy Hospital, Old Capitol Center, Van Allen Hall, Seashore Hall, Regina Catholic Education Center, Western Union, Hickory Hill Park, Pheasant Hill Park, Lemme School


No Buses Running



Outbound - North Dodge Night

Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7400Clinton St & Jefferson St
7401Jefferson St & Linn St
7123Jefferson St & Van Buren St
7403Jefferson St & Dodge St
7404Jefferson St & Governor St
7405Clapp St & Hotz Ave
7406Clapp St & Rochester Ave
7408Rochester Ave & Pleasant St
7410Rochester Ave & Memler Court
7412Rochester Ave & 7th Ave
7414Rochester Ave & Ashwood Dr
7416Rochester Ave & Rita Lyn Court
7418Regina Education Center
7420Rochester Ave & 1st Ave
7422Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7424Rochester Ave & Mount Vernon Dr
7426Rochester Ave & Larch Ln
7427Amhurst St & Lower West Branch Rd
7428Amhurst St & Tulane Ave
7429Amhurst St & Hastings Ave
7430Amhurst St @ Lemme Elementary
7432Amhurst St & Washington St
7433Washington St & Raven St
7434 Washington St @ Lemme Elementary
7435Washington St & Westminster St
7436Washington St & Green Mountain Dr
7437Washington St & Mount Vernon Dr
7438Mount Vernon Dr & Concord Circle
7439Mount Vernon Dr 300 Block
7425Mount Vernon Dr & Rochester Ave
7423Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7421Rochester Ave & 1st Ave
90011st Ave & Stuart Court
7521Pearson Main Entrance
7522Pearsons Dr & North Dodge St
7523North Dodge St & ACT Circle
7511Iowa City Community School District Office
7524North Dodge St & Bristol Dr
7509North Dodge St @ Hy Vee
7525Prairie du Chien Rd & North Dodge St
7526Prairie du Chien Rd & Caroline Court
7527Caroline Ave & Prairie du Chien Rd
7528Whiting Ave & Kimball Rd
7529Kimble Rd and Kimble Ave
7530Governor St & Kimball Rd
7531919 North Dodge St
7532900 North Dodge St
7533North Dodge St & Brown St
7534North Dodge St & Church-Horace Mann Elementary
7442North Dodge St & Market St
7443Mercy Hospital
7206Market St & Linn St
7207Clinton St & Jefferson St