Old Capitol Center, Van Allen Hall, Seashore Hall, Mercy Hospital, Regina Catholic Education Center, Western Union, Lemme School


Fare /Transfer Changes - July 6: Starting July 6, ALL passes and single ride tickets can be used on Iowa City and Coralville buses! Transfers will be allowed at ALL bus stops! Youth fares reduced from $.75 to $.50! Seniors (65+), disabled passengers, Medicare card holders and SEATS card holders ride free ANY time of day!

New Route Schedules Posted Online: Please see. for the new Iowa City Route Maps and Schedules starting August 2, 2021

Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

No Buses Running



Outbound - Rochester

Number Name
0002Downtown Interchange
7400Clinton St & Jefferson St
7401Jefferson St & Linn St
7123Jefferson St & Van Buren St
7403Jefferson St & Dodge St
7404Jefferson St & Governor St
7405Clapp St & Hotz Ave
7406Clapp St & Rochester Ave
7408Rochester Ave & Pleasant St
7410Rochester Ave & Memler Court
7412Rochester Ave & 7th Ave
7414Rochester Ave & Ashwood Dr
7416Rochester Ave & Rita Lyn Court
7418Regina Education Center
7420Rochester Ave & 1st Ave
7422Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7424Rochester Ave & Mount Vernon Dr
7426Rochester Ave & Larch Ln
7427Amhurst St & Lower West Branch Rd
7428Amhurst St & Tulane Ave
7429Amhurst St & Hastings Ave
7430Amhurst St @ Lemme Elementary
7432Amhurst St & Washington St
7433Washington St & Raven St
7434 Washington St @ Lemme Elementary
7435Washington St & Westminster St
7436Washington St & Green Mountain Dr
7437Washington St & Mount Vernon Dr
7438Mount Vernon Dr & Concord Circle
7439Mount Vernon Dr 300 Block
7425Mount Vernon Dr & Rochester Ave
7423Rochester Ave & Post Rd
7421Rochester Ave & 1st Ave
7419Regina Education Center
7417Rochester Ave & Rita Lyn Court
7415Rochester Ave & Windsor Court
7413Rochester Ave & 7th Ave
7411Rochester Ave & Memler Court
7409Rochester Ave & Pleasant St
7407Rochester Ave & Elizabeth St
7440Market St & Governor St
7441Market St & Dodge St
7443Mercy Hospital
7206Market St & Linn St
7207Clinton St & Jefferson St
0001Downtown Interchange