Westside Hospital

Hubbard Park, Carver College of Medicine, Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, VA Medical Center, Dental Science Building, Carver Hawkeye Arena, UIHC, Kinnick Stadium, Finkbine Golf Course, Walden Square, Hunters Run Park, Irving Weber Elementary School


Fare /Transfer Changes - July 6: Starting July 6, ALL passes and single ride tickets can be used on Iowa City and Coralville buses! Transfers will be allowed at ALL bus stops! Youth fares reduced from $.75 to $.50! Seniors (65+), disabled passengers, Medicare card holders and SEATS card holders ride free ANY time of day!

New Route Schedules Posted Online: Please see. https://www.icgov.org/busSchedules for the new Iowa City Route Maps and Schedules starting August 2, 2021

Federal FACE MASK Mandate: Federal law now requires face masks to be worn while waiting at the interchange and on the bus, with the nose and mouth covered.

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Inbound - Westside Hospital

Number Name
0001Downtown Interchange
7082Washington St & Madison St
0146Iowa Ave - English Philosophy Building, IMU
0263Newton Rd - UI Student Health
0257Newton Rd Ramp
0253Newton Rd - VA Hospital
8200Newton and Valley
0241Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
8203Hawkins Dr - UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8205Hawkins Dr & Melrose Ave-UI Childrens Hospital
8105Melrose Ave & Golfview Ave
8107Melrose Ave & George St
8208Melrose Ave & Sunset St
8209Melrose Ave & Emerald St
8211Melrose Ave & Westgate St
8213Melrose Ave & Macbride Rd
8215Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
8330Mormon Trek & Bartelt Rd
8228Mormon Trek Blvd & Cameron Way -Walden Plaza
8331Mormon Trek Blvd & Rohret Rd
8332Coll Dr & Coll Court
8333Jensen St & Jensen Court
8334Irving Ave & Shannon Dr
8335Shannon Dr & Rohret Rd
8336Rohret Rd & Duck Creek Dr
8337Deerfield Dr & Duck Creek Dr
8338Duck Creek Dr & Partridge Court
8339Duck Creek Dr & Wild Prairie Dr
8340Wild Prairie Dr & Prairie Grass Ln
8342Laredo Dr & Santa Fe Dr
8343Santa Fe Dr & Phoenix Dr
8344Phoenix Dr & Tuscon Place
8345Phoenix Dr & Rohret Rd
8346Rohret Rd - Irving Weber School
8347Rohret Rd & Hunters Run
8348Rohret Rd & Duck Creek Dr
8349Rohret Rd & Shannon Dr
8350Rohret Rd & Ranier Dr
8290Mormon Trek Blvd & Benton St
8229Westwinds Dr - Walden Plaza
8230Westwinds Dr #2
8231Westwinds Dr #3
8223Westwinds Dr & Hawaii Court
8242Westwinds Dr & Melrose Ave
8217Melrose Ave & Mormon Trek Blvd
8216Melrose Ave & Finkbine Ln
8214Melrose Ave & MacBride Rd
8210Melrose Ave @ IC Fire Station #2
8150Melrose Ave & Sunset St
8108Melrose Ave & George St
8106Melrose Ave & Koser Ave
8207Ramp 2, Pappajohn& Pomerantz
8206Hawkins Dr - UI Main Hospital, Kinnick Stadium
8204Hawkins Dr - UI Center for Disabilities, Dental College
8202Elliot St @ Carver Hawkeye Arena
8201Newton Rd- Dental College
0254Newton Rd - VA Hospital
0256Newton Rd - MERF
0264Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building
0145Iowa Ave - English Philosophy Building, IMU
7090Iowa Ave & Madison St